get in the van*

we’re headed to Pizza Hut.

Personal Pan Pizzas for everyone!

*Editor’s Note: We at have received word from our readership that this post makes no sense whatsoever. A note of explanation. The graphic presented above is a cache shot of recent stats from my sitemeter. As you can see, March was a great month. Hits came in well beyond 1,000. This is at least partially attributed to family members and friends of my sister, who were directed here from her Myspace page for all the latest updates on the condition of her brain.

The increased site traffic is the silver lining in my sister’s AVM.

In recognition of our gratitude for your loyal, and sometimes daily surfing to my Web log, I suggested we “get in the van,” and head over to “Pizza Hut.” I chose that venue because, beginning in 1985, Pizza Hut was a destination spot for well-earned rewards. Personal Pan Pizzas were the prize in the memorable “Book-It,” program, where kids got free pizza for reading a certain number of books each month. That’s just like this, only without the badges and the star stickers.

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  • crankin

    oh, book-it. the rankin kids were big fans. sigh.

  • excruciatingly


    I was a Book-It Whore.


    Those Pizza Hut morons had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they started that program. I successfully Booked-It to a fat ass by the time I was in fifth grade thanks to those bitches.


    I will also admit that because of that program I now read far too many books, am in love with Pizza Hut, and have a fat ass.

    BOOKS…. check ‘em OUT!