maybel got doublecheeseburger all over my gym towel

Tuesdays are hard, especially when Maybel is in town and we’re both craving doublecheeseburgers!

earlier this afternoon, i paid a man to cut my hair. the best part about the whole thing is the shampooing and the blow-drying and the combing. there are a few people here who understand my feelings toward having fingers on or near my head. ‘chop just a few more inches, would ya sir?’ is always a total ploy. who’s the sucka now?

Everyone is particularly hilarious when it matters today, except for me.


*In her description of Look,Ma as a tiny child, Mae pictures her as smiley and into something very unique, like praying mantises or something. She probably learned to dive before all of the other kids … that’s why she’s No. 1, folks.

*In an email discussion, pdawg predictably turned to old man references as our conversation hit an all-too-familiar “Rick Springfield” snag. “The music was like Maroonbox 34, times 1,000,” he says. that’s Good Charlotte T-Shirt cute.

*Captain Cool, also known as the Second Thing I’ve Ever Lost to Youngstown, notified me that while reading her police beats, she discovered a cop had pulled a dude over when he noticed the dude was waving. the cop thought the dude was trying to get his attention. We were all happy to learn that the dude “was just listening to the Insane Clown Posse.” Priceless.

*Also making the cut is Garth’s Shiv v. Shank discussion, which is still being heavily debated in the newsroom. I think Richard just yelled. seriously.

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  • Mae

    Well, that and we’re all secretly afraid I might have a nervous breakdown if I get bumped…

    The fear motivates me.

    (Now for that tricky damn word verification. What’s a veougki?)

  • The Experimental Dater

    I can’t believe Richard yelled. I have barely ever heard him speak, much less yell.

    And I loved Garth’s rant too. I’ve debated this same topic with far less informed indivuduals. I understand his frustration.

    P.S. Love you, but probably not as much as D.W. Hope your meeting didn’t drag on too long.