don’t worry. i’m hydrating all day today.

seth and i have this great idea for a television show.

it’s called ‘and you thought you were a f*ck up…’

the basic premise of ‘and you thought you were a f*ck up…’ involves a series of people who eff up their lives generally, while the rest of us sit back and feel better about ourselves. this will not be jerry springer. this will be white collar, i.e., the greater the potential a person has, and the more reckless they are with said potential, the better the episode.

we’re still sorting out the pilot, but we’re thinking in episode one, some type of irreplaceable item could be destroyed — maybe as a result of a careless email. Maybe some prominent career could be ended, a woman could be scorned…anyway the whole show will leave you thinking ‘Man! I bet that guy wishes he wouldn’t have done that,’ or ‘i can’t believe he didn’t confirm the reservation!’ or ‘why didn’t he get the proper permits first?’ or ‘he really should have seen that dangerous animal coming,’ or ‘oh my god! he wanted to be a pianist!’ etc., etc.//

but at the end, no matter what kind of pile of rubble you sit on, the show will allow you to conclude, ‘man, that’s way worse than the time i _____ or ______. i really feel better about that,’ and isn’t that what good television is all about?

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  • crankin

    sometimes i just dont know what to say.


    Can I be a recurring character on this show? I’m not kidding.