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bits of tid.

First, someone sent the Dispatch an internal memo. No one knows who that someone is. Except for the Baby Jesus. And the ten people who sent this person the internal memo. Isn’t Max Brown the coolest publisher name ever? He’s … Continue reading

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on spending part of the weekend with girlfriends who knew me in college, part II.

Overall, I’d call this a much more successful visit than last time. The ladies and I had a pretty rad gathering in Porkopolis on Saturday. Everyone has really cute hairdos. We began our journey with a trip across the river … Continue reading

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has everybody already seen this?

very funny. thanks to serves-a-lot. i would embed, but youtube is having issues with copyrights. feed me.

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Panerathon. do. dooo. do. do. do.

i was parking when the horn started the race. must’ve been an 8:59:59 i was the last person to begin, but not the last person to finish. like our graduation ceremony, only reversed. that is my new strategy — … Continue reading

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i’m just going to assume that colleen knows what is going on.

and that no one needs me to be anywhere except my sister’s apartment at noon tomorrow. feed me.

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let’s try again later.

I’m sorry. That last post was a little too dramatic. I was just trying to boost ratings there, I think. There is some crazy shit going on at work, but the words will probably sound worse for other more experienced … Continue reading

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did they kick Sanjaya off last night?

I am a bit of a time warp here. Three days gone and resurrected. I will attribute it to the calm before the storm. We are all waiting to see what happens to our company before we post. Might as … Continue reading

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ok, wrap it up.

jessm — This congrats is long overdue. Alaska sounds insane. I will picture you in level 7 of Super Mario Bros. 3. I hope you will have better luck than Luigi on those zany ice elevators! I want to hear … Continue reading

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has anybody seen my wife?

guys, it’s 12:24 a.m. and Katie, Khalilia and I are watching Scrubs at work. In seven more hours, i will have been working for 24 hours. i have yet to turn in my freelance work that was technically due friday. … Continue reading

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“Do you have a photo of your slain professor?” says reporter. “What?” says communications person for the university. ” … I was in Norris Hall. I just got my computer back today. I’m in a temporary office. I don’t even … Continue reading

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