I think you like me way better than my husband does.

that’s probably what keeps me coming back.
and why wouldn’t you? here, on the internets, I don’t make you an hour late to work every day. I don’t come home and sleep until the Daily Show. I don’t … well, that’s. that’s actually. about it.

Anyway blogs do suck. I put effort into carving out tiny snippets for consumption. I can pick the parts I want and present myself in this light or that. I can make you sympathetic to my plight. I can say ‘oh, here’s what zany home improvement project we’re tackling now!’ or ‘i saw a cat with two heads!’ and then you will give me positive feedback, and I will go to your site and do the same for your snippets. You rule, by the way. Seriously. My online support group is way too dangerous.

Blogging is so self-serving, and probably the result of neglect from a real-faced-person somewhere else. or the cause of it. But we have fun. Let’s hug.

I mean, I’m using it to better myself in the craft of storytelling.

A guy in the car next to me held up a box of condoms the other night.

(nervous laughter)

This message will self-destruct.

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  • The Experimental Dater

    And you don’t make me an hour late going home on Thursday nights. ;-)

    And did a guy really hold up a box of condoms? Was he cute? LOL

  • crankin

    that was a very bizaare interaction we had last night. we should do it again. i liked it.

  • L-Jo

    i’ll give you anything you want after a bottle of champagne, my lady.

    i guess you already knew that.