first, the Jews crucified Jesus.

Now, more than 2,000 years later, they’ve screwed it up again.

This is a letter that has circulated in the newsroom recently.

(Let this be a warning to you, fellow reporters. If you send me something hilarious in an email, i will strip it of identifiers and use exerpts of it in my online diary.)

(it should also be noted, however, that this reader might not mind seeing his or her words reprinted over and over and over again.)

Background: sometimes reporters get fan mail.

Dear Mr. Editor:

I am hoping that you are as embarrassed as I am dismayed that J-Wray’s article on horse mounted police officers misused the word Calvary for cavalry. That this escaped her attention speaks obviously to her lack of education. She should be required by you to do several things:

* purchase a dictionary and peruse it once in a while
* attend a 4th grade Sunday School class where they will talk about Calvary as the place where Jesus was crucified
* read a Civil War history book, where, ideally, she would find many references to the use of cavalry – the horse kind

She should be harassed in the newsroom as an un-churched heathen until she improves her working vocabulary. She should be chided in a way that makes her never forget this mistake, but not so harshly that she stops writing. Writers improve by continuing to write. Shame on you, etc. etc.

I am totally jealous of the unchurched heathen. Her fan mail makes my “They plowed my streets and I’m mad about it,” correspondence look pretty pathetic:

City crews maintain reputation… What an amusing piece of propaganda. It is no wonder people from other communities could travel through UA. Most residents were plowed in by overzealous city workers for more than a day. And many were probably too exhausted to go anywhere by the time they did get enough of their driveway open to squeeze a car through. Some elderly were trapped for days waiting for private contractors to help them out. And what about the people who lost a day of work because they were trapped in their own driveway. I’m sure they really appreciated havin clean streets.

Sidewalks that had been cleared earlier in the day couldn’t be found once the plows came through throwing large volumes of heavy snow more than 15 feet beyond the curb. Wow! They can really throw that snow! Perhaps next storm the drivers of the plows will remember who pays their checks. It is not the folks in Columbus. It is the people they inconvenience when they fail to balance the need for clear roads with a little consideration for the citizens who pay taxes for the “service” they provide.

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  • Anonymous

    Wait! What am I going to blog about now??? Stealer.


  • Bad Town

    You can always blog about your hyper-Christian, Promise Keeper editor managed not to catch it and worse, put it into the headline. Now there’s a topic…

  • The Experimental Dater

    By far one of your best blogs LT.

    I am so jealous of your fan mail J-Wray. Not even the NA people got that mean.

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    Look at us all gather at the watering hole. It brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. Don’t sweat it, J-Wray. BTW, what’s the URL for your blog?