weekend update.

On Sunday, Seth dropped a giant 2X10X14 floor joist on my knee cap.

as far as permanent damage is concerned, nothing really happened, but moments after the blow, I almost passed out. It wasn’t too terribly painful or anything, but I just felt really dizzy, the white haze returned, and I couldn’t move my arms or legs. It was such a weird sensation. A few moments later, Seth said I had my hands on the wall and was pawing at the floor with my leg. I just remember waking up in the hammock outside. It was sunny.

The same thing happened when I sliced my hand with a hot butcher knife. Any sort of blunt trauma, and I’m out cold. It’s really embarrassing because theses are not what I would call “pass-out” level injuries. My tiny body just can’t handle the change, I guess. Conclusion: I’m never going to be able to give birth.

The only other item worth mentioning during the 48-hour HammerFest 2007, was that Saturday afternoon, a van pulled up to the side of the house, which was strange.

Out came Carlo, and unfortunately for him, Carlo was a carpet cleaning salesman. The No. 1 phrase you don’t want to hear from potential customers: “Umm … we just ripped up all our carpets and removed the floors.”

Carlo knows how to pick ‘em. He did enter us in a drawing for 50 bucks. Maybel got mud all over his pants before he left.

aaaaaaaand lunch.

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  • The Experimental Dater

    Oh my – that looks worse than I could have imagined when you told me about it. I can’t wait to see it all when its done.

  • crankin

    i just laughed really hard.

  • Anonymous

    My, that looks like work. No wonder you have fallen off the charts in the ‘Megan Pringle hotstandings. Someone needs a priority check.