i’ve added

a few new friends to the right — and have excommunicated some others.

the closer you are to the top of the “on notice” list, the closer you are to the hurt.

as for the others, you are listed in the order that i love you plus the time we’ve spent together plus how hilarious and frequent your updates are minus your worst physical feature with a little ‘wedding reception’ adjustments, i.e., i tried to sit you with your friends unless your blog was too awesome requiring me to elevate you higher than your friends.

just kidding.

the whole thing is arbitrary but, beginning now, you can earn points to move yourself closer to the coveted No. 1 spot.

For example, jess meyer gets 21 points.

it’s as easy as that.

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  • Mae

    i feel a strange mix of love, fear and impending doom. but mostly love.

  • excruciatingly

    I usually read you before others in my Google Reader, so I think I deserve some points for that.

  • The Experimental Dater

    I have such a fear of being demoted by you.
    I thought only my boss at work could make me feel that way.