because Seth’s boss is a huge fan of my blog, I’d like to take a moment to reach out to him now.

Get you best man on this, kiddo. (That’s what I call Seth’s Boss.) Otherwise, it could lead to a major public relations disaster for the farming community.

Heather Mills plans to donate her Dancing with the Stars winnings to VIVA! — the British version of PETA. Animal rights activists are a crafty bunch. Good luck out-maneuvering this formula:

crippled wife of beatle + dancing + stars = a major public opinion shift on pig farrowing crates.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Heather that the crates keep the 450-pound mamas from rolling over and crushing the skulls of their piglets.


I’m really giving myself away with this one, aren’t I?

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, c’mon Teter! I really respect your ability to cast a critical eye on, welp, pretty much everything, but issues of animal rights appear–to continue the metaphor–to be your blind spot. I know that groups such as PETA and the like can sometimes be reactionary, but it doesn’t mean that anything they support should be immediately dismissed.


  • L-Jo

    you know this has nothing to do with animal rights activism j-wray … i immediately dismiss all pet causes of semi-famous amputees.

    but! i must admit, a part of me was missing you at teh office and intended to provoke. come back and fight with me about pigs and their feelings, would ya?

  • Bad Town

    Just as long as the funds aren’t going to the imbecilic animal activists who say the Berlin zoo should euthanize a polar bear cub named Knut rather than let him be raised by his handlers (his mom rejected him).

    Seriously, anyone ever heard of instinct?

    That’s my digressive comment of the day…

  • Lmarie

    You told me to get one, so I did…