until my next interview.

but my body hurts. We (meaning Seth, the Beeg and my father) removed the 100-year-old 14-foot tree pictured below. Thousands of pounds of plaster and lath are gone, too, but that’s a much less interesting story.

I happened to capture a moment prior to ‘the drop’ with a dollar-store digital camera. It’s grainy and dark, but if you look closely, you can see my father with a chain saw, Seth with some sort of prying tool and B.J., sadly, is not pictured but is waiting eagerly in the wings. I sat perched on the second story of our cape cod home — for several minutes, in fact, as they forgot to factor in how to get me down.

In the photos, I’m pretty sure my dad was mouthing the words “This is going to be a piece of cake.”

Ladies and gentleman, a teaser.

Ridgeview Middle School is practicing School House Rock, and that’s much more important than this.

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  • crankin

    where’s the picture. is it really not there, or have i lost my mind?