why i am the best wife ever:

i’ll wait until you stop laughing before i continue.


exhibits a and b:

sometimes when we get bored painting and falling through ancient floorboards, we tear down walls. i know i explained we would be working on the new floors this weekend, but unfortunately, it has to happen in this order. the stairs are scheduled for execution at half time.

not only am i not crying, but i am supportive and investing myself in this project. i am colleen rankin, only i’m making more lunches. i have been told that some women would not respond in the same way. fyi — i’m a real keeper, boys.

well, truth be told, i’m blogging right now. mostly to freak out my parents. but the sound of a sledgehammer continues in the next room, so i’m going to go use the stairs to get into the bedroom for the last time. we are teetering on the edge of structural stability. stay tuned.

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  • crankin

    my response: audible “oh my god!” then laughter. that is amazing, and you are amazing to put up with it. thanks for the credit… i think this one ups me on the making of my bed… and now i am really wishing that i had taken pictures of my construction project… in ten years you will have proof that your’s was a shit hole and all that i will have is my word. drat.