what? you want me to watch it?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been surfing the Internets, merrily reading a news magazine or newspaper only to find the information I’m seeking is in streaming video. That’s not an advertisement to skip over, sister. that’s the story.


Because we here at theteet.blogspot.com like to discuss emerging trends, (like the Internets) I present to you the following:

Imagine a world where my blog (or the News of the Suburbs, even!) was presented only in streaming video.

I do not like the idea of print reporters (naturally a homely bunch) forced behind a camera and/or voice recorder. It is unnatural and should not be tolerated.

The better looking you are, the worst of a journalist you can be. We in the print industry work better in the shadows, mingling with the regulars at pet parades and city council meetings.

What will become of our breed?

I read somewhere that journalists and writers prefer being famous without ever having to show up. We are not good performers, but rather, do our best work from home in front of the TiVO, in our PJs while the dog is humping our leg.

I agree with this theory and am regularly terrified as I click through Slate.com.

This whole Webcasting thing is going to destroy us.

Well, maybe not here. We did just get a Web site last fall.

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  • excruciatingly

    If that scares you, how do you feel about video resumes?

  • L-Jo

    crap. this is equally terrifying.

    mostly because it guarantees i’ll never have a job anywhere else.