top five

1.) I just ate 1.5 pounds of lasagna and I can’t find my cigarettes.
2.) As of 1:55 p.m., Dr. Hotshot has let Amanda go — no fake BM required!
She’s off with a brand new set of wheels, as the hospital has given her some sort of Robo-Walker. I have not seen it but look forward to taunting her relentlessly. I might even snatch it away from her if we’re ever in a foot race to the refrigerator. I have been known to do that sort of thing to the handicapped.
“We’ll get her some bright green tennis balls to shove on the back and she’ll be set,” my father said. She gets to spend the next 4 to 6 weeks at home with that man. Did anybody else just shudder a little bit?
3.) her departure means it’s time to quit smoking. For everybody. No more restricted blood vessels in this house.
4.) iPod is bumping “Cry me a River” — I’m pretending I don’t know how the song got there.
5.) I am 0 for 7 getting a hold of very important quotable quoters today. Don’t it make you sad about it.

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