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other interesting tidbits, since I’ve had difficulty wrapping things up here lately:

On Cat Tales: A larger blog is coming here re:our favorite columnist. Working title is Silent No More. In the meantime, as per the combined genius of Jenny Wray and mostly Matt Gerish (see related item below) we’ll give Twelve Dollars to the first TW reporter who gets referenced in her column. She is a very private person, I know, but I know you are up to the task.

On American Robins: If you haven’t already heard, More than 80 obese American robins have been found dead along Muirfield Drive, north of Tara Hill. SJP was on the scene, and kept me posted. Anyone want to go run over some birds later? It’s such a nice day for that.

On Math: Two weeks away from the gym + 17 packs of stress-related cigarette smoking = a white haze after 3 miles on the treadmill Friday morning. There were dots. I think the oxygen was not getting through.

On Spring: It has sprung. Melissa Messina, a third-year law student at Capital University, is looking forward to the switch to daylight-saving time.

On Photos: I think the thing that I’ve learned about blogging from Phil is the inclusion of google image photos, which I would normally frown upon unless I had taken/doctored the photo myself. I think my philosophy of “pictures with text” is evolving and I have to give credit where credit is due because he invented this.

On The Gerish: It seems his article became fodder in the blog world on March 07, ought-seven. This is the highest achievement that can be reached among journalists. Although it think ‘antipositivist’ should refine his tagline a little, as Ideas on aprioristic free market economics and Christian thought. (note: in that I stand opposite positivism, not that I am aligned with so-called sociological antipositivists) is pretty thick. and I am the kind of girl who looks at outtakes of WBNT-10TV commercials for fun, so.

On David Cross: you are important, too. but just barely.

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