expecting a call.

In five months, I’ll be a potential “boomerang” for Rebecca Ryan.

Rebecca is founder of Next Generation Consulting, who Columbus hired to research how Central Ohio can attract hip, college-educated 25- to 34-year-old professionals.

I think I would make a nice test case. A microcosm of my generation. The Everyman.

Can Rebecca attract and retain a young professional former resident of Columbus when Bangs – a village with only a copyright trap as its claim to fame — is the competition?

Even Wikipedia hasn’t heard of this place.

I guess we do have the NiSource Bangs Fabrication plant (formerly the maintenance site for Columbia Gas of Ohio) which Seth and I plan to hit up later tonight, but. This should not deter her from Operation Getting the Teters to a Condo on Fourth Street by 2008.

While conducting research for this blog, I also discovered the nap machine, which would fit perfectly in the Room No One Loves.

See? I’m already getting cozy in my house Rebecca! Better find my Weblog…send me a link or a pamphlet…I’m pretty much already on the next thing…

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