inspired by Pdawg,

I too have decided to race the Generic Nyquil. I am not “sick” per se, but it just seems like the right thing to do. Abusing over-the-counter drugs, that is. The Equate has an eight-minute head start, which seems dangerous.

The sister continues to improve. Her wit frightens me. If she comes of of this thing with charm, that will not work well i.e. picking up boys on family vacation. She reels them in with her looks and I dazzled them with hilarious jokes. If she’s funny now, I’m pretty much ruined. Damned AVM.

Also of note, Seth “why read it when you have to live it” Teter has apparently taken an interest in my blog and has commented below. The apocalypse is soon approaching.

Speaking of, the only thing I really wanted to say checking in here was this bit. for J-Wray, and the others in the room.
Please watch the video.


Maybe I should’ve taken a higher dosage.

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  • Bad Town

    People would stick with Christianity if only they used black lights more often.

    What’s that line from the New Testament again — “Let he without glow sticks shine the first black light?”

  • colleen

    update on the hoof cookin’: pickled pigs feet. please, inform seth. (the word is that some people are big fans of this pigs feet thing. my dad has never ventured to try one and i am a bit freaked out by the idea. i do however support seth trying this because, well, i would really like to get some feedback on the whole concept).