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if you are reading this, your boss called.

It’s time for early dismissal. feed me.

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I think you like me way better than my husband does.

that’s probably what keeps me coming back.and why wouldn’t you? here, on the internets, I don’t make you an hour late to work every day. I don’t come home and sleep until the Daily Show. I don’t … well, that’s. … Continue reading

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off the hook

feed me.

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i can’t stop

looking at this. WebExclusivePoll-iciousness. Thank you, TW collegues. feed me.

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first, the Jews crucified Jesus.

Now, more than 2,000 years later, they’ve screwed it up again. This is a letter that has circulated in the newsroom recently. (Let this be a warning to you, fellow reporters. If you send me something hilarious in an email, … Continue reading

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weekend update.

On Sunday, Seth dropped a giant 2X10X14 floor joist on my knee cap. as far as permanent damage is concerned, nothing really happened, but moments after the blow, I almost passed out. It wasn’t too terribly painful or anything, but … Continue reading

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i’ve added

a few new friends to the right — and have excommunicated some others. the closer you are to the top of the “on notice” list, the closer you are to the hurt. as for the others, you are listed in … Continue reading

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‘blue coral handwax special.’

contrary to what the sign outside the Car Wash demands, I’m not sure I want to “ask Larry” about this. It’s enough to have to drive by it frequently during the work day. Ladies, ladies, ladies. This is another placeholder, … Continue reading

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because Seth’s boss is a huge fan of my blog, I’d like to take a moment to reach out to him now. Get you best man on this, kiddo. (That’s what I call Seth’s Boss.) Otherwise, it could lead to … Continue reading

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one Jello-Head

plus one cancelled CATscan times one irrate mother minus two broken automobiles equals me making a trip to Mansfield at the moment, but I’m not yet sure how this will remedy anything. It’s like getting the fox and the chicken … Continue reading

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