Follow your leader to 2012

Divinely inspired by three attractive and bespeckled lady friends who live far away, (henceforth, ABLFWLFA) I thought I would add my thoughts on the topic as well.

I mostly just picture myself floating in an above ground pool sipping a warm miller light and flaunting a pair of cesarean scars. The triplets will probably have long been taken away because of an unfortunate mishap with the mountain cat (the national media, by the way, was very unfair in their portrayal of the incident)

When Steter left me for the lead singer of the Cardigans (i guess everyone pretty much saw that coming) Mae eventually agreed to move in with me and we bought that plot of swampland down the road on Possum Street and we make due off government subsidy checks from that time we saved the planet from a giant asteroid.

Or you and I could be driving a van solving mysteries together.

Either way, who knows. Plotting a week’s worth of suburban news stories is a treacherous enough path for me. i am an unstable, nervous and easily tossable woman. these conditions will likely intensify over time. except for the tossable part. the quintuplets did a number on my boyish charm.

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