on personal growth.

special Ash Wednesday edition.

One year ago today I gave up blogging for Lent. Although it seemed a bit too Catholic a thing to do, the blogging had creepily entered my life and overtaken most of the evening with my husband who actually felt real-life jealously toward a laptop.

Lent seemed like good enough excuse, and I had some quasi-ideas about how those who do without somehow come out stronger for it at the end. Granted, in the Bible, it was food and water, but I was sure the same transformation would occur if I sacrificed web logging.

Instead, I said I would spend that time in deep religious meditation. By April 2006, I would emerge renewed, refreshed and would no longer by bogged down keeping up with the Internets (which, believe it or not, can happen.) I attended a Mennonite church and knew people who would do things to alleviate, say, poverty in Columbus, without setting up ten committees and Sunday BBQ Share Groups prior to. They also did not jump up and down during worship services. I was also shopping for a mortgage.

Today, in the back of Angie’s car, I read a few passages of real-life scripture in Silent No More and made fun of Rod Parsley. Although not fully developed in my blog, trust me. This moment speaks volumes.

My famous phrase around the house is “We’ve really got to …”

We’ve really got to shovel the driveway.
We’ve really got to pay that student loan bill.
We’ve really got to have them over for dinner.
We’ve really got to clean the pig shit out of the garage.
We’ve really got to go to church.

Seth likes to point out that the times I’ve talked about what ‘we’ve really got to do’ is actually more than enough to time to do these things.

That’s why, for Lent this year, I’ve decided to give up talking about how I wish I was still religious. About how I wish I had friends within an hour’s drive who were comfortable enough to call me on my bullshit. About how in order to truly walk the walk, I need “a strong community.” “Carrying the cross.” The whole nine yards. I’m done with it.

If I really cared about the shit in the garage, I would clean it out. For 40 days, the same will apply for Jesus.

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