apparently I’m speaking only in pictures now.*

it’s been about two months since I’ve had a tape measure hanging off my back ass pocket. as much as i hate hanging dry wall, it actually feels nice to be covered in dust. the exacto knife in my tool belt. a pocket full of screws. the whole nine yards. some girls feel sexy in lingerie. others…

seth finally kicked my butt off the couch long enough to finish these window casings. now we’re getting ready to paint the living room. a greater part of the afternoon was spent at Lowe’s choosing between Bamboo and Moss Gate. I’m feeling in the mood for a green living room. How about you?

*editing note: if you were here earlier, you may have read a really weird question i had about Britney Spears shooting herself in front of the paparazzis. (I don’t know.) I’ve decided to edit out that bit because looking in her eyes, she seems a little too close to doing something like that, and can’t be responsible for putting another bad idea into a pop star’s brain. apologies, y’all. remember, as it’s been said, celebrities are people, too. but just barely.

is it just me, or is everyone going to Africa this summer?

you know, actually. maybe the picture posts were better. let’s just stick with the pictures for a while.

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