what should i ask richard dreyfuss?

the opportunity is fast approaching for me to get some one-on-one time (a close encounter, if you will) with the star of Jaws and something called What About Bob.

what do you want to know about him?

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  • Bad Town

    Where can I get a “Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local” T-shirt. Oh wait, maybe Bill Murray should answer that.

    Here’s a better one:

    Ask him if Robert Shaw (Quint, the old sea captain) was really hammered when he gave his speech about the U.S.S. Indianapolis. I’ve heard rumors to that effect.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what you should say:

    “Remember that scene in ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus,’ when you totally got fired but then you like went into the gym and there was the band there and they were playing that song you wrote? That was awesome.”

    No seriously, ask him if he saw me when he was filming that scene from “Lost in Yonkers” with Mercedes Ruehl outside the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio.