I’m going to steal all the Internets before the other reporters get to work.

And I’m going to use it to BLOG.

Apparently, the higher-ups are cutting back again, and our newsroom is only allowed 24 page views per day. This becomes difficult when double-checking an address, a phone number, our calendars, or cut-copy-and-pasting entire stories from the Web.

Our techies said something about streaming video clogging up the ‘series of tubes’ which are our Internets, so I assume they’re dealing with the same problem we had in Knox County with our toilets. Only one “major flush” per evening, ifyouknowwhatimean.


Now you understand why the Teters occasionally arrive at work so early. If we’re not stealing Internets, of course.


So with the big Farm Bill debate on the horizon, I’m getting the inside scoop from Seth about which Dispatch reporters/Farm organizations are communists (myanalysisnothispleasedon’tfirehimwe’dstarve)and which ones aren’t. Email me if you need more information.

It should be noted, maybe even earlier, that today marks the day of Baby’s First TOP Article. This is a Must-Have for all TheTeet scrapbookers out there. If there is a link, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

If not, for our Floyds Knobs, Indiana readers … TOP is distributed each Thursday to hundreds of locations throughout the Columbus metropolitan area. You’ll find TOP in many of your favorite eating, drinking, retail and service establishments. I recommend you make the trip.

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