can you believe joe denen is the city manager now?

As our middle school gym teacher, he took great pride in pegging prepubescent brace-faced girls during lengthy games of dodgeball. The welts were terrible. But at least it was too early for most of us to be pregnant?

Plus, he was pretty notorious for not being able to count. Trying to split the class into four even teams was always a nightmare.

I spent the last two hours with the 16-year-old UAHS intern (not this one, David.) and a portion of our time was spent comparing demographics of her hometown (average median income $90,000+) and mine (just under $36,000).

Which led me to this.

The information presented is accurate, but the blurb about Paul “Lash” LaRue’s stellar Research History class is missing one important fact.

While transcribing depositions of various health conditions of black civil war soldiers, (I could tell you stories about Jack Tanner’s bout with “the piles” …) Seth Teter and Lyndsey Johnson became one.

Oh sweet lord. Our children are already doomed.

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