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Follow your leader to 2012

Divinely inspired by three attractive and bespeckled lady friends who live far away, (henceforth, ABLFWLFA) I thought I would add my thoughts on the topic as well. I mostly just picture myself floating in an above ground pool sipping a … Continue reading

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annular anxieties (with photos)

two concepts that increasingly frighten me with each passing commercial: 1. The idea that America does, in fact, Run on Dunkin’ 2. The NuevaRing, known affectionately as “the Dream Catcher.” feed me.

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For those of you keeping track at home.

the inflatable snow globe looks nervous. feed me.

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damned paparazzis

feed me.

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on personal growth.

special Ash Wednesday edition. One year ago today I gave up blogging for Lent. Although it seemed a bit too Catholic a thing to do, the blogging had creepily entered my life and overtaken most of the evening with my … Continue reading

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we report. you decide.

i just fell asleep in the middle of typing my police beats. Is it:a.) a slow crime weekb.) winter depressionc.) pregnancyd.) rigor mortis please keep your answers to yourself. feed me.

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attention hobos:

Please do not accept a free massage from this man.This has been a public service announcement from feed me.

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apparently I’m speaking only in pictures now.*

it’s been about two months since I’ve had a tape measure hanging off my back ass pocket. as much as i hate hanging dry wall, it actually feels nice to be covered in dust. the exacto knife in my tool … Continue reading

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could she try any harder to be you?

maybe if she had a green hooded sweatshirt… feed me.

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i feel the same way, baby Jude.

look who’s coming back to Columbus… feed me.

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