there is only one thing I want to remember a year from now.

Friday night was happy hour with co-workers, followed by a beer run and late night showing of Thank You For Smoking at Bangs Theatre.

Saturday, we became the best aunt and uncle in the world. No explanation is suitable. Pictures must follow.

Sunday, more family, this time in Washington Court House with a second viewing of the brand new baby Owen.

Sometimes, when baby Owen and I get sick of adults who want to sit around and talk about babies, we sit in the back of the room, and I tell him about more important things. Weighing in just over 12 pounds, Owen is a dynamite snuggler.

For those of you I’ve instructed to recognize The Signs, I did smell the baby’s head, but I am not talking about The Fever. Simple case of Womb Envy, ladies. Back off.

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