a lengthy editorial, in three parts.

from the year 2003:

“I’m getting ahead of myself here. When speaking of OU’s transportation options, one cannot fail to mention the beloved “Bobcat Express,” which conducts two free service routes in 30-minute increments every weekday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

But the tired dance of two 15-passenger vans looping up to the Ridges and down to the HDL every half hour would impress no one from our shuttle-happy, kid-toting peer institutions.”

and THEN Athens NEWS editor and All-Around-Hero let me use this as a transition:

“But in my book, sound arguments never win in the battle against cold temperatures.”

AND THIS as an ending (with the ellipses):

“So in the meantime, I have this idea for a Kings-Island-like skywalk from Grover Center to my house…”

This is Part TWO of our ongoing series “Slaughtering a Pig: The least of my transgressions” in preparation for Feb. 8, the day our little piggy goes to the market.

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  • Anonymous

    I might be interested in the hlf in May..I will neeed more info. I am getting ready to run a marathon in September.

    Lyndsey H.