notes in journalism

Please check out this cutline before the higher-ups get wind and change it. (That means you, Father of Milly.)

The lesson here is No More Bad Jokes In The Photo Requests.

I LOVE my lumberjack photographer [the ladies are right when they say he's soooooo dreamy... and a pretty good photographer, too :) ] But seriously, people “Most Awesome Porch Ever” really should have raised a red flag.

Lin, you’re allowed to mock SNP relentlessly, but please remember, in this week’s issue, there is a new installment of Cat Tales to keep you humble.

As J-wray told me when I showed her the clip, “That’s a keeper.”

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  • The Experimental Dater

    I seriously think that is the best cutline ever! Maybe the higher ups won’t catch on.
    And by the way, I’m one of those ladies that are jealous you get to work with the hunky lumberjack. Not only because he is eye candy, but he does in fact take good photos.