but you don’t really care for music, do ya?

As a sidenote, if I’m ever estranged, during the subsequent reconciliation (if it happens in the snow, Home-Alone-One-style)

or if I’m ever comatose, and the family is waiting at bedside, while the doctors and nurses go home for the night,

or if I ever successfully get the Ring into the Fiery Chasm From Whence It Came,

or if I ever become entangled in some sort of violent mobster montage,

I think the accompanying soundtrack will be the recently-downloaded Hallelujah, covered by the late great Jeff Buckley.

And if I’m ever behind the wheel for a fatal head-on collision in the pouring rain,

or if I ever finish the last half mile of a half marathon in Cincinnati,

or if I ever throw myself from the roof of a hospital shortly after giving birth to an illegitimate child in KC, Missouri,

I will, without a doubt, be listening to June 18, 1976 (both real date and a song title) by the great (but not yet late) Pedro the Lion. Every girl hopes to be both ‘sad’ and ‘beautiful.’

Also, FYI, a good song for searching through the ruins of a home destroyed by weather or fire: The Stanley Brother’s Come all you tenderhearted.

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    For submission, I would like to cite the scene from Shrek in which Hallelujah is playing. I think the big green guy’s heart was just broken, and he’s walking into the distance with that song playing – always makes me tear up.

  • liz

    personally i like rufus wainwright’s version a bit more than jeff buckley’s.
    i’m just sayin’.