Many Americans ages 18 to 24 have no idea what’s going on.

The recent hubbub, or lack thereof, on the O’Reilly v. Colbert thing prompted me to research Specifically, I was looking for each time Papa Bear has mentioned Jon Stewart on his television program.

Lessons I’ve learned as a result of this study are as follows:
1.) The Colbert Report is even more hilarious when you fully understand the Factor.
2.) Which will take about two hours.

Although I’ve researched my favorite show (gasp) on Wikipedia, the fact that I haven’t really engaged Papa, or, for that matter, for more than 30 seconds until tonight proves O’Reilly correct when he asserts the above blog title during his May 29, 2006 show. He continues here: (most informed parts in bold.)

For example, a National Geographic survey says 63 percent of that age group can’t locate Iraq on a map of the Middle East, even though the USA has been fighting there for more than three years.

That may be because 80 percent of younger Americans don’t even own a world map. Ninety percent of the young’uns don’t know where Afghanistan is. Ninety percent. And here’s the best. Twenty-five percent of Americans ages 18 to 24 could not identify Dick Cheney as vice president.

Now, many of these young Americans vote and they are influenced by celebrities and the press that fawns over them. In some young precincts it is hip to be dumb, cool to be uninformed. In fact, you’re a geek if you know a lot about current events.

Thus we have millions of Americans who get their news from Jon Stewart and their point of view from bomb-throwing entertainers. This isn’t new …. Drugs (became)acceptable because the pop media endorsed them. So popular culture does matter, it does have influence. Even on life-death issues such as the War on Terror and how to wage it.

Our republic demands citizens pay attention in order for the best people to be elected. Is that happening today when 64 percent of young Americans can name the “American Idol” winners but just 10 percent know who the speaker of the House is?

We may be heading for big trouble in this country. In fact, we might already be there. And that’s “The Memo.”

Oh my gawd. He’s right. I had no idea that was going on.

Stewart and Colbert are doing us a disservice. These people are actually much worse than what I’ve been told on television.

Do you think our perception of FoxNews pundits and their followers is as distorted as the their perception is of us? Will the gap be closed before they die off and/or steal all the social security?

Or more importantly, how long until Bill O’Reilly Googles me?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I bought accessories for my iPod nano at 7 a.m. while covering the grand opening of Wal-Mart at Carriage Place, and I have recently engaged in a serious debate regarding David Letterman’s Will it Float, re:the Marzipan.

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