irritable band syndrome**

Worse than any actual knee injury may be reading about them while watching 24, where the guy whose name starts with an “F” stabs that other terrorist guy. you know the one. right under the kneecap with that thing. yowser.

apparently, i didn’t read “Running 101,” where the first paragraph states “even though you may feel like a rock star on the dreadmill, don’t increase your mileage by more than 10 percent each week.”

what’s a 10-percent increase from zero? is that 12 miles? with lots of inclines? at a speed that’s way too fast for my tiny stump legs?


so that elaborate training plan i printed out from probably should have not immediately ignored that.

in other dull aches, seth has taken to playing the Laugh Track Game, where he belts out in ecstasy at every commercial on television.

any lame one-liner can prompt LTG. first there is the boisterous laughing and if we’re lucky, there’s the explanation of why the joke was absolutely zany.

“because you shouldn’t have to calculate ‘pi’ to order one!!!!”
get it?! pi = 3.14 — with an infinite number of decimals! — or PIE, as in PIZZA PIE, as in ordering one, which should NOT be complicated!

my reaction thus far has been one of continuous punches to the arm or shoulder.

he has also decided that today, he will not call Maybel the same name twice. so we have moobles, boobles, bumbles, bumblina, gumball, bobbletop and more recently, cobblebob.

hey, when in Bangs …

**editor’s note: wow. seems we’re working ourselves through a bit of a dry spell here. in the meantime, find a link to this post at

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