I haven’t asked you for much

but I’m calling on you now. Similar to the way Stephen Colbert would call on his heroes.

We have recently been informed not one, but FIVE DIFFERENT WEB SITES have trumped theteet.blogspot.com for the #2 spot in Google’s search references for “monique ming laven hot”

Granted, when the quotes are added, we are the only reference, but.

With readership down (only about 16 ‘daily-lookers,’ compared to more than twice that prior to Black Friday 2006) securing the #2 spot is all I have left to brag about when I tell public officials and relatives about this blog.

Please help by googling without quotes and clicking on theteet, but before you do, let me prepare you for what you’re going to see.


* hot co-eds
* hot nutritional meals
* a guy named Reichert Bragging About Getting a Finger-Waving Bus Driver Fired
* Swarms Of Quakes Detected At Mount Saint Helens
* a guy with a dinosaur name talking about Bad Religion
and perhaps the greatest competitor,
* the Columbus News Babe-Off: Championship Round

If newsradio’s Dirk Thompson can call on his listeners to manipulate results of the Dispatch’s daily Hot Issue, then by all things meaningless, I should be allowed this shread of victory.

I love you.
the management

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