Because you’ll be old one day, too.

Chestnuts #1

This was a message left on Seth’s machine RE: The Chestnuts.

The caller ID revealed Henry got pretty close to his actual phone number toward the end. The address remains a mystery to all involved.

Seth has received (as usual) lots of “feedback” from all over the state about his piece in “The Ohia” magazine. He often shares these with me (thank you, lord) especially the ones where the old people place orders for fudge, shrimp or chestnuts, as indicated above. One of my favorite calls cannot be posted due to technical difficulties, but can be transcribed as follows:

“Hello. This is Erbert. I’m calling in relation to the story about the chestnuts… I remember the chestnut trees of the olden days … and I thought somebody might want to talk about that.”

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    Scattered throughout Appalachia, cut off from their own kind, stand the survivors.

    LT – Tell Seth that Lin said he writes one hell of a lead. And here I thought he was only good for moving heavy water tanks and injuring fingers…. heh. Seth Teter (and LT as well) are amazing writers. Look out, generation of the future!