happy christmas (war is over): January 2005 edition

I was Googling something today when theteet.blogspot.com appeared as a #4 reference. Nothing makes mama prouder … except perhaps a google alert that links me here … but anyway, one thing led to another, and I ended up at this post, which was written a.) six months into my first marriage, and b.) nine months into my career as an over-educated barista and c.) moments before I stopped taking birth control pills i.e, stopped crying myself to sleep, stopped crying along with daytime television, started showering again, etc.

Pills that screw with my hormones make me bat shit crazy, and also make Seth go “What am I doing to this poor woman?” (I still like to quote him.)

I also had recently purchased a hedgehog. (wtf?)

Click this link for a taste of insanity. Otherwise, it’s just for me.

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