it’s not gymNICEtics

“The magician will try to wrangle free from a spinning three-ringed gyroscope — at 40 feet above ground — in three days’ time starting Tuesday. If he succeeds, he’ll take 100 families on a Target shopping spree…” on David Blaine

This is the best country in the world.

Also, for the record, Seth “does not care” how good — or bad — Brittany Spears looks on celebrity gossip Web sites. What a loser.

There’s something really intimate about watching someone cry in the car next to you at a stop light. But don’t make eye contact. There is nothing you can do through the pane of glass. I promise.

It’s been several days sans an update, so I’m not sure where to go from here. It’s been so good already. Plus, Tuesday nights are never good for me.

If you’d ask me about my weekend, I’d tell you it was awesome. There was pig-riding and gun-shooting at halftime. Local papers report all at the Horseshoe were green with envy. I’m still eating the leftover spinach-artichoke dip, reveling in the fact that Jen and I are a better shot than Garth, etc.

Many thanks to the creme de la creme who showed Saturday to enjoy the bonfire. But more importantly, thanks for not judging me about the s’mores. I’m just glad that for one night, I didn’t have to make them on the broiler. Special kudos to those who stayed to help move heavy water storage tanks. You know who you are.

There is a weird thing happening now with Seth’s new table saw. Maybel is afraid of every piece of wood cut on that thing. It makes things difficult when Seth walks in the living room to brag about his most recent project, because Maybel snarls and growls and shakes her big jowls at his handywork. Can’t be good for anybody’s self esteem.

Everybody is sad about Kramer.

But seriously, what is Sean Cueller up to on the fox news tonight? Is it really the best idea to give her props?

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