Unhonorable mention

my old man and I finished 253 and 221, respectively, out of 320 runners in the Dead Celebrity 5k on Friday night in Westerville.

Mad props to Team Work, who finished and impressive 143 and 108! Sorry to drag down the average, athletes.

Kudos to old man weather, too, for producing six inches of 32-degree puddles throughout the course. Seriously. That was cold and ridiculous.

I finished at the 32 minute mark, and alas. Not exactly a ball-buster time. In fact, that’s almost 10 minutes slower than Lyndsey Johnson ever ran it in high school.

In my first Pay to Play, I’d call it, notwithstanding the icy conditions, a success. See my finish here:

Next up?

The Turkey Trot.
A five-miler on Thanksgiving morning in Upper Arlington.

“Pies will be distributed fast and immediately following the race,” to quote the brochure. Not too many opportunities to hear that promise in a lifetime. Gots to take advantage.

Oh, and speaking of poor finishes, some LONG overdue Paul Bunyan pics. These two sum it up pretty well, for those who have heard the story. See “Splash” retrieve her axe out of the mud puddle. Although the photo does not indicate this, there was a grandstand full of eyes behind us. And several large log-dragging-type machines to hide us from our shame.

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