79 on 70

It’s time.

Guernsey County Fairgrounds, here we come.

Somewhere between here and Washington Court House, there is a man stopping at a liquor store with two extra pillows for the in-laws packed in to cushion the supplies for Poor Man’s Dinner. He’s not a hobo, but he’ll look like one. Sans the stubble, unfortunately.

I had a lot of blog-worthy material when I began this morning. A story about how I made my editor “nine out of ten” annoyed with me… Tales of woe during my sister’s 23rd birthday, which involved something called a “campus bar crawl.” A sinus infection. A congresswoman. A rainbow.

But alas, ‘tas all escaped me, as I’ve prepared my mind for the most wonderful time of the year. See you on the other side of the festival, friends. Hope your weekend plans involve more than one turkey leg and a beer before 10 a.m. And sharp metal things. Always, the sharp metal things.

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