more proof

that Dan Williamson could be reading my blog.

Today’s Other Paper reveals two important clues.

Editor’s note: We at are hoping intensely that a.) Dan Williamson (much like NBC 4′s Monique Ming Laven, (still No. 2 ) the Dispatch’s Jim Woods and perhaps even Dean Narcicicso) is a frequent visitor here and b.) will mention in a future column to further bolster somewhat depressing readership of late. Nineteen faces staring blankly at this page every day? Unacceptable. Hardly enough to qualify even for Google AdSense.

First, Dan Williamson authored a story using the words ‘John Glenn,’ which I had referenced below. And second, the cover story involving Dennis Mitsubishi’s controversial “Jihad” radio spot, which I posted here on Monday, subsequently sparking an international media frenzy.

How long will this game of cat and mouse continue?

Shut up, Phil.

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