this weekend

I discovered, and then was subsequently enraged, at my congressional representation. Who knew Bangs was Bob Ney country?

Ah well. I’ve always wanted the chance to vote alongside Athens NEWS Editor and Hero Terry Smith. Mr. Space, go ahead and put Possum Street in the win column.

Contractors Be Damned Season Two.
Over the weekend, Seth and I installed our pressure tank and switch, which involved complicated wiring, digging, plumbing and cursing. Also praying. We have no idea how, but when we flipped the switch, we had water pressure and an unexploded well pump. and a very important lesson:
The human hand, especially a freakishly tiny human hand, cannot hold back 50 pounds per square inch of water pressure for more than three seconds. If you attempt, chaos will ensue.

Also, lesson No. 4360 of my professional career:
Do not take your prized heirloom “BITCH-BITCH-BITCH” mug into an endorsement hearing at work. Grandma may have pulled it off at every Christmas since you were six, but a candidate for the 24th Ohio House may not be as accepting. Try bringing a business card instead.

And finally, the yearly plug — this time in a new, exotic location! As if Nelsonville wasn’t sexy enough (birthplace of Sarah Jessica Parker and also the site of the 1985 film Mischief, thankyouverymuch)the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Festival has been moved to the Guernsey County Fairgrounds (home to … John Glenn??)

The festival will be held Oct. 6 through Oct. 8, and will involve camping, drinking before noon (just enough to ease the nerves) and this, as always. This always draws a crowd.

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    Go get ‘em, you bell-bottom-wearin lumberjack you!

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