Hearse of a different color.

when driving behind a long white hearse on a country road through the morning fog, National Public Radio is an unacceptable soundtrack.

although the 1970s dream machine was plucking along at a steady 50 mph down route 3, i did not have the heart to pass it because a.) when does this ever happen? and b.) passing a hearse on a blind curvy road seemed too much of a temptation for fate. plus, the whole ‘respect for the dead’ thing.

i fumbled through several upbeat ironic soundtracks, but still, nothing clicked. it should have been a no-brainer. every single track on the O’Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack fit perfectly.

the ghost hearse, as i’d like to think it was, was kind enough to let me try on just about every song before it turned right toward Mt. Gilead. the instrumentals were quite memorable, but particularly influential were Ralph Stanley’s ‘O Death’ (creeepy) and also, surprisingly, “I’ll Fly Away’ with … oh …what’s her face.

strangely enough, i witnessed two additional hearses before my shift was over, and neither were black. The Day of Hearses came on the heels of the White-Haired Angel/Demon Boy Rape dream, which many of you have unfortunately heard bits and pieces of.

somethings a stirrin’ in the cosmos. hold on to your butts.

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