they don’t love you like i do.

does anyone know why the profile and the links have jumped down to the bottom of the page? this is highly annoying.

ThisWeekInPig, Grand Slam has learned to root. he took out a giant patch of yard –down to the mud — in 3 days. i let maybel in the pen to calm him, and all hell broke loose. all three of us were humped and covered in mud by the end. the pig is growing VERY quickly now that he’s on solid foods. his nose is hilarious.

ThisWeekInLove, Maybel had a male suitor in the early hours of the morning, or so i hear. is there such thing as a doggie pregnancy test? she’s been very clingy and craving weird foods lately.

I don’t really have anything to say here at all. I’m trying to force it, and it shows.

Dare I say it? A week has gone by without incident.

Wait, no. That’s not true. Our water is black again. But nobody really should have to listen to me talk about that.

Been running a bit more lately.

(…i’m just going to sneak out the back…)

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  • Bad Town

    I guess morning sickness probably wouldn’t give away whether Maybel was pregnant.

    Rottweiler-bulldog mixes? All I can picture is a rottweiler with an underbite….