on visiting girlfriends who knew me in college

Whenever the four ladies get together, a few things are always added to the books. “Convincing Colleen and Talya that Mae has entertained numerous sexual partners in the last three days” can be added along with “Wally Waffle” “Twenty Monty Mounty” and others.

The girls grab their last cup of coffees, exchange hugs and hit the road, each packing away a few thousand pleasant memories, but something heavier still.

One thinks I’ve forgotten the other half of her. One thinks she’s not funny. A third, the one who has likely been the most responsible, is slightly disgusted by the whole conversation and the last grows tired of trying to justify a particularly unpopular decision made in the year 2004.

Insecurities are heavy baggage on that unending stretch of road between Ashland and Lodi.

But seriously though I had fun. Better see you again in October.


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