baby’s first factory farm

i was mowing when i saw a flash of pig streak by, which is normal for a Sunday afternoon.

i immediately started yelling “TREATS!” which is our buzzword for “Maybel if you turn around now, not only will you not be struck by an oncoming vehicle, but you’ll get a tasty reward.”

The thing kept right on sprinting for the road, and the terror set in. Any who have seen me jet onto oncoming traffic to save Maybel’s life know how fast I can move.

As I sprinted closer, I noticed it was a pig all right, but not one of our own.

So um…

We have a baby piglet in our house now. Naturally.

Seth’s work has a department chair for everything, including situations like this. The Co-worker’s best advice? Build a pen and feed it. It will be ready for a hog roast in 6 months.

So, we’ll see how this goes.

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