somebody oughta sell tickets

In the fem-truck-driver-seen-with-a-jesus-bobble-head-doll sense of the word, seth reports another T-shirt sighting of note, this time at the state level.

The young lady’s shirt read “Jesus GODder Done,” with God in caps, of course.
Hope in human kind? Restored.

So how unpopular has blogging become? Are you trying to cut me off, or what? I miss you but have never been good at calling. You know that. Please enable this bad habit with a few snippets, would you?

If I cast a date out far enough on the horizon, will everyone be able to migrate to Knox County? There are birthdays and all sorts of celebrations coming up or have already past, and I want to gather us all together at a place and time that’s convenient for me. I also hope to remind Colleen that I have yet to travel north to see her.

So I’m thinking of something in the October range. Not Halloween, but far enough away to give our beer some time to brew (we haven’t started it yet — any requests?) I’m thinking it would be maybe the first weekend we won’t really NEED to wear long sleeves, but we’ll want to. Maybe things could start with an OSU football game, and lead to the inevitable trip to the mansion .03 miles from our home.

What do you think? Oct. 14? Michigan State?

In the meantime, every weekend from then until now, we will not be available for social activities in Columbus. I’m sorry. There is too much work to be done.
Sometime between Saturday and the day of our two-year wedding anniversary, I was moving buckets full of soggy ash and mud into the dumpster when I cursed the former property owners of our home on Possum Street. There is a strange, incomprehensible joy that comes out of all of this. I can’t wait to show you pictures of the dumpster.

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  • jessm

    i am glad at least you update your blog. way to be. you win an award.
    also i am glad that you are reading the log and appreciate the finer details like i do. i still have a few days to post, so don’t give up hope.