An open letter to Dispatch reporter Jim Woods (and Dean Narcisisisco, of course.)

Dear Jim (and Dean):

Welcome back. Here’s the thing.

Have you put me on your favorites list yet? I noticed in the last week or so that your visits have not been prompted by any type of Google search for my name, so I’m crossing my fingers.

You guys are professionals, and unfortunately, no one will believe you visit on occasion. So, do I have to wait for another Chamber restroom break encounter, or can we go ahead and have some sort of confirmation here?

Please comment.We’ve been through so much together … from evenings with Biker Bob to nights spent suffering steamy airport hangers. Two words: Calvary International.

Anyway you owe me. I gave you that Emerald Ash Borer story. Plus all of my college friends work for Columbus Alive, which I take full credit for.

If we work together here, maybe Dan Williamson will mention my blog in one of his columns (!) and I’ll get enough hits to (finally) qualify for Google AdSense.

I’m not sure how much more name dropping I have to do here to win you over.

Best Regards,


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