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For That City’s Victim of the Week that you Shouldn’t Feel Sorry For/

A $15,000 two-caret diamond platinum engagement ring was stolen from a retail store in the 3100 block of Main Drag Drive at noon on July 13.
The victim left the ring in the changing room while shopping and didn’t realize it was missing until the next day, reports said.

Oh, sweet, sweet That City. How you make my job so entertaining.

So I had this dream that all the OU Navigator people, along with the few known Jesus Fans here at work, were together in a tent making fun of Campus Crusade people. We were all secretly envious, however, of the “non-believers” in the tent next to ours, all of whom were watching some rad zombie movie we weren’t allowed to see. (Because of the adult content.)

It was a totally pathetic dream.

I think the dream stemmed from recent bouts ofimmaturity on my part, especially in the area of pouting. Seth and I are growing increasingly aware of our own weaknesses — especially while adding equity to our home.

I want to slap a coat of paint on the whole thing first so we won’t have to look at it for the next five years, but Seth thinks this is a waste of money. To him, a coat of paint comes after we tear out the closets, put in new windows, floors and carpeting, etc.

We can see both sides of the argument.

The result is a difficult struggle between two ideologies. And also, pouting. The main result is pouting.

As per tradition, an increased selfishness has resulted from a lack of a faith community.

I need to talk to some people who live near me in a bible-type situation where said people do not believe I’m crazy. this is no small feat, as it has been an unmet goal since 2004. Knox County Vineyard? Anybody? I’m nervous.

None of these problems are unique, new or earth-shattering.

The only blog-worthy part is the image of me, curled up on my side of the bed with all of the covers, refusing to speak to the man I married because the duvet cover on our display bed doesn’t match the accent pillows in the second bedroom — and probably never will.

The first step is admitting.

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