i got old and nobody listened.

While all you Clintonvillites may boast about your weekend concerts, your bar-goings, your iPods and your MTVs, how many of you can claim a successful Saturday Night Installation of a 240-volt electric range receptacle?

You know that magical mystery box you plug the giant stove cord into? I know how to make that.

The electric companies told us $350, or $400 “if I run into something” for that special little connection. Contractors be damned. From now on, we’ll just read the book. Two mice, a few hundred cobwebs and $125 in wire later, we’ve made our own. I am Thomas Edison.

(Lord forgive us for the vile words that spewed from our mouths sometime after hour seven.)

And mother, the strategy was a simple one. When it came to threading 60 feet of wire, Seth slinked around like one of those long and skinny drain snakes, while I used my crafty little otter hands to get into those tight spots. It was truly a team effort.

I also know how to change oil in the tractor, which leads me to believe it can’t be all that different in the Honda. The engines are basically the same size.

There was a tornado. Everything is ok, though.

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    Meanwhile, from us folks in Clintonville, some of the weekend’s highlights:

    Saturday morning: went to the Columbus Zoo, one of the top-three rated zoos in the country (20 minute drive)
    Saturday evening: Saw the Columbus Symphony Orchestra along with the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies, a quite exceptional and wonderful show (10 minute drive)
    Saturday night: enjoyed a few brews with old coworkers at the bar and karaoked Ray Charles songs (2 minute walk).

    It’s fun living in the city!

  • L-Jo

    I’m actually pretty jealous.

    I didn’t say that.