I went back

through da_Ltrain@yahoo.com to count up my demons.

There were thousands.

Most were spam, but a few were from old college friends, so I had to be careful.

Remember 2001? and PFTW? What about Ryan Schlagbaum!?

Holy crap, man. Holy Crap.

I tiptoed around the delete button. Didn’t want to erase something like this…

Date: Monday, November 12, 2001 7:07 PM -0500
From: MrKirbyProd@aol.com
To: lj200100@ohio.edu
Subject: Re:

Dear Lyndsey,

Good day and thank you for writing me. I am sending this letter in response to your email to give you some news about me and what’s been going on. I am currently in post production on a film I directed called P.S. Your Cat is Dead. It is a comedy with some dramatic moments, based on the play and novel by James Kirkwood.

There is a website for the movie, www.psyourcatisdead.com, please check it out. The film should be released sometime next year, I am looking forward to you watching it.

In the meantime, I am currently developing future projects, reading many scripts from other writers and trying to lead a balanced life, spending time with family and friends. This is my 25th year in the entertainment business and I have loved every minute. There are times that when it’s a challenge, but I am grateful for the opportunity to be contributing to our culture. Being an actor has been rewarding, but also strange at times.

Currently, I reside in both New York and LosAngeles, I have a dog, some fish and a healthy attitude. Once again, thank you for getting in touch, I read all of the emails.

Many happy returns,

Steve Guttenberg

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