here’s the story

as I’ve relayed it thus far.

I spent the weekend at the Hilton in Cincytown with Seth’s company.

As I was shoving prime rib into my face between trips to and from the open bar, the Head Honcho stood up to speak, thanking all the spouses and kids for putting up with the “late hours” at the farm bureau … without your support we wouldn’t be successful, so here, have a night in a Cincinnati hotel and enjoy a Cincinnati Reds Game, motivational speaker, a friendly Amazing Race competition, etc.

A small gesture, corporately speaking, but in my book? Huge. Can you imagine a speech like that at your company? If not, pull up a chair. Plus they get Blackberrys.

There was so much generosity this weekend. Mae gave us sponsor seats at the Playhouse, and Kaz bought us liters of beer at the bier garten. The soccer game was exciting. The play was riveting. All is well.

My only regret the entire weekend? Mentioning to Seth (after, maybe, four liters of beer?) that his ticket was reserved under the name Evan DeTullio. He assumed the persona for the entire evening, including a 1.5 hour car ride to Washington Court House. Ehhh.

Can you believe we’re effing moving in like ten minutes?! What am I going to do when I’m stuck out in the country, miles from civilization, and Evan DeTullio takes over again? To Patrick Js, everyone. Quickly.

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