What sort of expression is the lad wearing on his face?

I accidentally hung up on Chris Spielman twice and I forgot a very important “e” in one of my stories. We have new plumbing but our water is coming out black. From the well spicket. Which means it’s black before it goes into the house with new pipes.

Don’t worry. Country water is free, which means that we can leave it on for four days until the sediment clears. Relax, ok? Seriously.

I think the first batch of home brew we open this October will be labeled Black Water Special — fresh from the Knox County Panhandle.

Sorry if I have been a little bit freaked out and not fully paying attention to you, but Everything is ok.

Remember in Life Aquatic when Bill Murray is like “Son of a bitch, I’m sick of these dolphins.” That is totally hilarious.

Lin is moving in with us for a little bit. Or he might be our neighbor. No one knows but the property gods at Myer Real Estate.

We’ll be in Cincinnati Friday and Saturday. I’m not sure why. Something about farmers and a city-wide treasure hunt. Seth has the details. The last of those days, we’ll hopefully be in a pork town pub, watching a revitalized USA team tromp all over those mafia guys. Drinks begin at 2:00 pm. Afterward, we will see Squeezebox in a playhouse run by little miss klingler. When we go to the box office, we might want to go up seperately . I am Evan Tortellini and Seth is Ellen Singleton. I remember that much.

Closing is June 23. Seth leaves for San Diego a few hours later, so moving will be on the 29th If you have one of those jobs where you don’t have to work during the week and are interested in spending some quality time on Route 3, feel free to stop by. I know there are a lot of other offers out there, but we, too, will feed you beer. But you can’t take a shower.

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