best in show.

there are many potentially cute things to say here, mostly involving either beer or bitches.

the first annual teter memorial day camp-off went extremely well this weekend, with half a dozen reported ticks and injuries. thanks to a sharp broom, i got stigmata. (you know, Mae, like ‘i got jimmies’)

Notable moments include this,
when i took a lovely picture of paul and christy and baby.
what you don’t know is that jacob is pointing to the ‘dead doggie?’ who was having a heat stroke just outside the frame. seriously. we almost lost her. luckily, god provided a cool spring for us to throw her lifeless body into. she filled up like an empty water bottle and was almost immediately revived. In twenty minutes, she was humping my leg, barking and barfing. we knew then that everything was going to be okay.

also of note was a return trip from the general store, as we were greeted by Seth’s priceless and white-faced ‘i made … a mistake’ complete with a dripping bloody towel wrapped around his hand. there should be some compassion, but I can no longer let myself feel sorry for a man so determined to whittle no matter what the cost. Luckily, his injury lends itself to a proper response for any and all mockery.

and finally, we learned that this is really a picture of three people. and a reflective collar, which is also neat. ryan, don’t tell grandma and grandpa.

there were several burns and scratches and lots of family bonding — tales too sweet to recount here. although i’m dirty and exhausted, it’s always good to feel family form around the camp fire. in spite of all the strange aunt and uncle birthday celebrations in college, i barely knew these clowns until now. from here, they’re aalllll right. (nothing like steve and cindy, of course, but they can have their moments.)

In other news, inspection is tomorrow. if all goes well, i’ll share the specs with you. if not, there’s always New Orleans?

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